Your Contribution Makes a Real Difference.

Support our non-profit’s education on consciousness, neuroscience, and psychedelics.

Protect the environment and advance our understanding of the mind.

Your contribution makes a real difference in promoting the pursuit of knowledge and connection.

An Appeal to support Wasiwaska,

a Haven of Learning and Discovery

In Florianópolis, on the beautiful island of Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil, Wasiwaska has been operating since the year 2001.

The Atlantic Coastal Forest was originally even more biologically diverse than the Amazon. Your donation will help us to recuperate poor soils and cover them with food forests.

It will also contribute to preserve and expand our ethnobotanical garden, a place of learning and enjoyment.

A building with a red roof and a tree in the background.

Exploring the Unity of Knowledge and Recognizing

that we Live in a Symbiotic world.

A garden with a lot of trees and plants.

We partake of the animistic attitude that we live in a world populated by human and non-human persons.

More trees will attract birds, bats, and insects. They will continue the work, pollinating and taking the seeds to other areas.

By planting trees native to the Atlantic Coastal Forest, we want to contribute to recuperation of this ecosystem.

Come and see the beauty and abundance you are creating.

A garden with a lot of trees and plants.

Let’s Grow Together

When donating to Wasiwaska, you are doing more than just giving money-you are joining a community dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and connection.

Make a Difference Now

By donating, you become a part of Wasiwaska’s story. Help us create an environment where learning and natural beauty thrive side by side.

We invite you to play a pivotal role in nurturing this space where minds meet, and horizons expand.

Your donations keep Wasiwaska thriving. Support a place dedicated to the protection of indigenous plants, a plant haven and a learning platform for children and academics alike.

Let’s continue this journey of growth and understanding together.

A man and woman standing in front of a stone archway.

Paying our gardeners

Open for funding

Sr. Waldomiro Rodrigues, our gardener, has been working with us since 2016. He works four days a week, assisted by Sr. José Lopes, with us for over ten years.

Additional beehives

Open for funding

We already have 4 beehives. Our plan is to have 20 more with local bees of several species. They will help with pollination, and thus the reproduction of our plants.

High quality compost

Open for funding

For over 25 years we have been planting fast growing trees that enrich the soil, and are bringing truckloads full of high-quality compost we buy from COMCAP.

Finishing cacti house

Fully funded

We have the main frame and the windows (not yet in place) of the cacti and succulent nursery. We need to put a roof, a couple of glass walls, a sink, some shells, and a solar panel.

Completed projects

Ethnobotanical 2022

Agro-forestry 2022

Reforestation 2022

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly will my donation do?

Your donation will be used for the specific projects outlined here. You can chose which one you would like to support.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

We suggest speaking with a tax expert in your country to see if you can deduct your donation from your taxes. Wasiwaska is registered in Brazil as a non-profit organization.

May I visit Wasiwaska to see the results of my donation?

We’d love for you to visit and see the impact of your generosity for yourself.

How can I know my donation is really helping?

We believe in being open about our work. We promise to keep you updated with regular reports on how your money is being spent.

Can give a donation as a gift?

Yes, a you can. Giving a donation in someone’s name is a meaningful way to honour them.

What other ways can I help besides giving money?

There are many ways to get involved, from volunteering with us to attending our seminars or telling friends about our work.