Dear Friends,

An important part of the Wasiwaska Project is to give our visitors the opportunity to have a close encounter culturally important plants.

We have a special interest in medicinal plants, culturally important plants, medicinal plants, plants considered sacred by various cultures, and fruit trees native to the Atlantic Coastal Forest. Our ecosystem.

We have also a reforestation project, eliminating invasive species, and reintroducing native trees.

Sr. Waldomiro Rodrigues, our gardener, has been working with us since 2016. He works four days a week, assisted by Sr. José Lopes, who is with us for over ten years.

They inspect the plants for possible diseases, bring compost to them, water them during the drought periods, trim them when necessary, and make cuttings to propagate our native trees into areas with poor vegetation.

We calculated the costs as follows :

  • Combined salaries per month: US $1,800

Total amount for 1 year: US $21,600.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly will my donation do?

Your donation will be used for the specific projects outlined here. You can chose which one you would like to support.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

We suggest speaking with a tax expert in your country to see if you can deduct your donation from your taxes. Wasiwaska is registered in Brazil as a non-profit organization.

May I visit Wasiwaska to see the results of my donation?

We’d love for you to visit and see the impact of your generosity for yourself.

How can I know my donation is really helping?

We believe in being open about our work. We promise to keep you updated with regular reports on how your money is being spent.

Can give a donation as a gift?

Yes, a you can. Giving a donation in someone’s name is a meaningful way to honour them.

What other ways can I help besides giving money?

There are many ways to get involved, from volunteering with us to attending our seminars or telling friends about our work.

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Anything unclear? Let us know and we’ll reach back.