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With currently over three hundred species of plants, we aim to protect endangered plants for diversity and research. Donations are tax deductible. 

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We have around three hundred species of plants. We have now the intention to finish “the cacti and succulent conservancy” space, which still needs a roof. We have now several hives of Melipona, stingless bees, responsible for the pollination of 90% of the species of the Atlantic Coastal Forest. The island of Santa Catarina is the home of 34 species of native bees, in danger because the competition of aggressive imported African bees.

We will build the new space to the left, when facing the main entrance of the house. We will use the foundation of an old deposit, and recycle old windows and other materials we have stored throughout the years. The ethnobotanical garden will continue growing around new space, important also as a food source for our very important insect friends, since 2019 legally protected, at least in paper, in the city of Florianópolis (law 17834/2019). This is a first step to be continue later in the larger area dedicated to the agroforestry project.

We calculated the costs as follows, now partially completed:

  • Materials: cement, sand, wood, gutters, tiles, pots, shells. Total costs, around US$ 2,500. COMPLETED.
  • Labor: around US$ 2000.
  • Twelve to fifteen hives with a queen to be bought from a local beekeeper. US$ 980.
  • A 500-liter water container to capture rain water to irrigate the plants below the little cactus house: US$ 100. COMPLETED.
  • One truck (122 cubic meters) of high-quality compost from the waste management of the city: around US$ 250 every three months.
  • Cut a giant garapuvú tree that is threatening to fall and cause damage to the house and garden. We will transform it in a large bench for the garden. Cost: US$ 750.
  • Aluminum or stainless steel to stamp plant names. Around: US$ 300.

Total amount for the rest of 2023: US$ 4,780.

Anything unclear? Let us know and we’ll reach back.