Support Agro-forestry Project 

Planting several species of medicinal and fruit trees that capture nitrogen and protect local wildlife as well as traveling birds. Donations are tax deductible.

A garden with a lot of plants and trees.







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We have already planted fruit trees in an area of roughly 2,000 sq. meters. Our intention is to continue replacing parts of a little diversified tertiary forest and plant trees that capture nitrogen as a first step before continue planting fruit trees belonging to the Atlantic Coastal Forest. Besides several species of trees, we are planting several especially important medicinal plants.

We already bought a second 5,000-liter water container to put besides another existing one on top of a fill. This was a wise move as southern Brazil sometimes goes through periods of acute drought. Our ramp pump is working perfectly and we are irrigating part of the area where we planted new trees. We still need to cover some costs:

  • Installation of irrigation system (hoses and other paraphernalia): US $2,100.
  • Rocks for retaining walls for food garden. Around US $ 800.

Total amount for the rest of 2023: US$ 2,900.

Anything unclear? Let us know and we’ll reach back.