Miracles happen only when you pay attention. It was the middle of May when our ololiuqui (Turbina corimbosa) vines started to bloom.

We have a stone wall of about twenty meters long. Three vines grow from the base, its branches covering the whole wall, with dozens of inflorescences with many buttons that will open in the course of about 2-3 weeks. Every flower lasts only one day, its petals falling gradually to the floor.

By the next day it will be the turn of other buttons to open. The scent, especially in the morning, is supernatural. Very early in the morning, just before the sun comes out, fast hummingbird butterflies come to drink the nectar. Then comes hundreds of bees. The symphony produced by all those wings is bewildering. By about 2 pm the flowers begin to close, soon the wall is silent again.

Where are the limits of this plant? Is in the essence that attracts the insects, is in the insects themselves that feed on it, and well fed go back to their mysterious habitats? Is it in the person who remembers the miracle and puts it on paper for other to see and recreate in their minds? Everything is interrelated. There are no bodies separated from the whole. We are part of it. The world is in us, we are also the world.