Dear friends,

First of all, our apologies for such late report. Brazil is extremely bureaucratic regarding receiving funds from abroad. It took over two months, many letters, several meetings in the bank and even a visit from bank officials to our garden before the funds were transferred to the Wasiwaska account. Then we had difficulties in finding labor to do what we wanted to do. Thankfully we were able to find a very good team who transformed an area which was practically abandoned, now becoming a very interesting new space which we hope you will be able to visit one day.

Thanks to your generous donation, our projects at Wasiwaska have made a tremendous jump. The most important, a new stone path that snakes through the garden and forest, giving access to areas which were previously almost totally out of reach. We are planning to have a lots of beehives of local stingless bees along this path.

A new water container is now in place, giving us a total capacity of storing 10,000 liters of water for irrigation and drought periods.

We did not have enough funds to finish the cacti and succulent house, which still needs a roof, but the most expensive part is done.

We will continue planting trees in areas taken over by three invasive species we are fighting with.

We hope to have you soon back with us.

Adriana and Luis Eduardo

Thanks to our good team, an area which was practically abandoned, has been transformed into a very interesting new space which we hope you will be able to visit one day.

A ramp pump takes the water from the river all the way to the water containers in the top of the hill without the need of electricity.

Beautiful tertiary forest to which we will gradually add some Atlantic Coastal Forest fruit trees.

We have now four beehives, and we plan to have many more. We have flowers in all seasons, so our bees are happy, while helping to pollinate our ethnobotanical garden.

Some areas of the agroforestry project are thriving, thanks to the extra compost we are bringing to the site.

We are blessed with having in the land two sources of water: a small river, and a water spring that comes from the ground close to the property.

Sr. Waldomiro is our main gardener. He has been with us already over seven years. He really loves plants. He is helped twice a week by Sr. José, whom we also know for many years.