Susan Blackmore is a freelance writer, lecturer and broadcaster, and a Visiting Professor at the University of Plymouth. Her books include Dying to Live (on near-death experiences, 1993), In Search of the Light (autobiography, 1996),Test Your Psychic Powers (with Adam Hart-Davis, 1997), The Meme Machine (1999), Conversations on Consciousness (2005), Zen and the Art of Consciousness (2011) and Consciousness: An Introduction (a textbook, new editions 2010 and 2011). Her work has been translated into more than 20 other languages.

Lectures by Susan Blackmore:
• Are there other worlds? Possible answers from psychedelics, ayahuasca and near-death experiences
• Delusions of consciousness: Why is science so confused about the mind?
• Enjoying the Buddhist Jhanas: Discrete states of consciousness reached through concentraDon.

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