October 5-18, 2016

Invited speakers

Rebecca Alban Hoffberger
Erik Davis
Dr. Antar Mikosz
Dale Millard

Lectures by Rebecca Alban Hoffberger

  • The Visionary Experience” and Its Role in Humanity’s Evolution
  • Evidence for The Unseen: Angels, Aliens and the Devic World
  • How to Make a Dream Come True & The Gift of Its Opposition

Lectures by Erik Davis

  • Imagining Phantasms
  • Imagining Dreams
  • Imagining Media

Lectures by Dr. Antar Mikosz

  • Visionary Art – What does that Mean?
  • Psychedelia and Visionary Art – A Glimpse into the World

Lectures by Dale Millard

  • The value of food forests and living pharmacies
  • Immunomodulation as a strategy in the future of medicine
  • Poorly known psychoactive plants from Africa and Indonesia