March 30–April 12, 2015

Invited speakers

Dr. Jordi Riba
Dr. Attila Szabo
Dr. Tiago Arruda
Dr. Friederike Meckel Fischer

Lectures by Dr. Jordi Riba

  • The Neuroscience of Ayahuasca
  • The Neuroscience of Salvidorin-A: the Active Principle of the Mexican Entheogen Salvia divinorum
  • Long Term Effects of Ayahuasca in Humans

Lectures by Dr. Attila Szabo

  • Psychedelics andthe basics of immune responses
  • Tryptamines, Phenethylamines, Lysergamides and the biology of inflammation, autoimmune diseases and cancer
  • Ayahuasca and immunity

Lectures by Dr. Tiago Arruda

  • The Study of Emotions Using Neuroimaging
  • Effects of Ayahuasca in Emotions Processing

Lectures by Dr. Friederike Meckel Fischer

  • Psycholitic therapy: practical approach and methodology, theoretical background, tools and their development
  • Critical thoughts about psychotherapy and the difference between psychotherapy and psycholytic therapy. Substances, doses, set and setting, choosing of clients, dangers and risks

Lectures by Dr. Luis Eduardo Luna

  • Sacred Amerindian Plants: Persecution and Current Revival
  • Ayahuasca Visions: An Epistemological Approach