June 27-July 10, 2009

Invited speakers

Dr. Davis Nichols, Pharmacologist
Dr. Dennis McKenna, Ethnopharmacologist

Lectures by David Nichols

  • A Basic Primer on The Chemistry of Psychedelics for Nonchemists
  • From 1938 To 2008, the 70 Year “Evolution” of Psychedelic Chemistry, with a Historical Timeline
  • The Contribution of Modern Molecular Pharmacology to Understanding Psychedelics: The Devil is in the Details

Lectures by Dennis McKenna

  • Basic Psychopharmacology: The Psychopharmacopoeia; Licit and illicit psychoactive drugs; their actions, applications, uses and mis-uses; psychoactive drugs from nature; synthetic psychoactive drugs
  • Psychoactive drugs in neuroscience and consciousness research
  • Drugs and spirituality; do drugs have a role in spiritual practices?; cross-cultural perspectives; drugs and spirituality in the modern world; psychedelics as medicine: therapeutic applications of psychedelics; medicines for the spirit