October 11-24, 2022

Invited speakers

Jeremy Narby, Anthropologist
Petra Bokor, Transpersonal Psychologist
Dale Millard, Ethnobotanist

Jeremy Narby

Jeremy Narby grew up in Canada and Switzerland, studied history at the University of Canterbury, and received his doctorate in anthropology from Stanford University. He is the author of The Cosmic Serpent, DNA and the Origins of Knowledge (1995), Intelligence in Nature (2005), and Plant Teachers: Ayahuasca, Tobacco and the Pursuit of Knowledge (2021), co-authored with Rafael Chanchari Pizuri. He is co-editor with Francis Huxley of Shamans Through Time: 500 Years on the Path to Knowledge (2001). Anthropologist Jeremy Narby has been researching the subject of psychoactive cannabis across disciplines for the last 2 years and is in the process of writing a book about the subject.

Lectures by Jeremy Narby

  • Prehistory, history, and botany of Cannabis
  • Cannabis goes global: 1500-1900
  • Plant teacher or general enhancer?

Lectures and Interviews with Jeremy on Youtube

Petra Bokor

Petra Bokor is a transpersonal psychologist with over a decade long devotion to psychedelic assisted therapies. She dedicated her PhD studies to the integration process of ayahuasca experiences, during which she followed and assisted many participants of western setting ayahuasca ceremonies in their integration process. In 2014 she performed a field trip at the Takiwasi in Peru and later worked closely for several years with a Huni Kuin healer. Presently she is an adjunct lecturer in Educational Psychology at one of the Universities in Budapest, Hungary.

Lectures by Petra Bokor

  • Integration pros and contras and what is it anyway?
  • Transpersonal psychology frameworks of human development and their implications for ayahuasca experiences

Dale Millard

Dale Millard is a naturalist and explorer with diverse interests and experience in fields ranging from herpetology to ethnobotany. He was curator of herpetology at the Swadini Reptile Research Institute for many years. His interest in the study of snake venoms for drug development, later led to his study of the chemistry and use of plant medicines. Dale has interviewed healers from many traditions, notably the Sangoma of Africa and more recently the Balians from Indonesia. His main interest of study relates to medicines that modulate immune function in chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and cancers. His work explores cost effective and alternative approaches to tropical diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and typhoid. He has also maintained a lifelong interest in Entheogens and continues to document their use in poorly explored regions of the world.

As an explorer he is regularly exposed to “new” medicines and healing modalities. Dale has a special interest in the cultivation of medicinal plants and medicinal mushrooms, and has taught numerous workshops relating to Permaculture and Plant Based Primary Healthcare. He has been involved in a number of documentaries and has authored a number of articles relating to plant medicine. He as advocate and campaigner for food safety and organic agriculture. He currently lives in Indonesia and works as an international ethnobotanical consultant.

Lectures by Dale Millard

  • Evolutionary Strategies in Plants

An exploration into some of the fascinating behaviors that some plants exploit for their survival, hinting at remarkable qualities of possible awareness and strategic planning. This talk will also address some of the unique and bizarre relationships that plants cultivate with animals.

  • Medical Potentials of Ayahuasca

An overview discussing the current research relating to the pharmacology of ayahuasca and its important potential in the possible treatment and management of many health conditions, including the latest research into key components and its far reaching potentials for the future of medicine.

  • The Magic of Medicinal Mushrooms

A journey into the amazing world of culinary and medicinal mushrooms, discussing their polyfunctional roles in the environment and medicinal opportunities to humans. This talk will examine in depth the multitude of medicinal properties with special reference to immune modulation and the newly discovered areas of how medicinal mushrooms regulate human

Lectures by Luis Eduardo Luna

  • Animism and personhood in Amerindian cosmology
  • Sacred Plants in the Americas. An Overview
  • The Wasiwaska Ethnobotanical Garden. A Chronicle.