March 11-24, 2012

Invited speakers

Ede Frecska, Chairman Psychiatry Department of Debrecen University, Hungary

Lectures by Ede Frecska

  • The Second Foundation of Knowledge.

The Universe “emulates” itself within the brain’s (body’s) subcellular network – cognition derived from the ‘nonlocal’ fields of the Cosmos, the non-local spiritual universe is available to us through the direct intuitive approach.It is proposed that the subneural interface is the microfilamental lattice (part of the cytoskeletal lipoprotein membrane complex)not restricted only to the brain but exceeds it and encompasses the whole body); our neural conduit for non local knowledge.

A biological model of information processing is proposed in which the microfilamental lattice is a medium of quantum holography: it is probably immense enough to contain holographic information about the whole Universe via nonlocal interactions.

  • The Soul Cluster

Healing methods based on altered states of consciousness common in spiritual or shamanic traditions and many mystical teachings do not accord with classical explanations based on cognition as it is conceptualized in Western academic circles. Here we give an analysis of ancient and indigenous soul concepts within the framework of soul pluralism.A three-network (neuroaxonal, subcellular, Akasha-like quantum-information field) model of human experience is drawn to support the tripartition cum trilocation
concept of soul.

Lectures by Luis Eduardo Luna

  • Indigenous Narratives
  • The Theme of Transformation into “the Other”
  • Commonalities in Ayahuasca Reports by Educated Westerners