July 22-August 4, 2010

Invited speakers

John Major Jenkins, Independent Researcher and Author of author of Maya Cosmogenesis 2012
Rodolfo Schlachet, Trance Dance Facilitator and Percussionist
Karen Helle Grue, Jungian Psychologist, and Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator

Lectures by John Major Jenkins

  • Soma-Sampo: Artifacts of Shamanism in Finnish Epic Poetry, the Kalevala
  • Indigenous Psychedelic Cosmologies and the Origin of the Maya’s 2012
  • Transformational Spiritual Teachings for Cycle Endings in the Maya Creation

Sessions by Rodolfo Schlachet

  • Rodolfo Schlachet, will lead two free trance dance sessions, in the beginning and the end of the seminar. He will also lead four percussion sessions.

Lectures by Karen Helle Grue

  • Kissing the Frog/In Contact With the Divine Dimension: Who Benefits From It, the True or the False Self?
  • Death and Rebirth Seen Through Carl Jung and Stanislav Grof
  • Two Holotropic Breathwork Sessions facilitated by Karen Helle Grue