July 12-25, 2011

Invited speakers

Karen Helle Grue, Jungian Psychologist, and Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator
Dr. Manuel Torres, Art Historian and Archaeologist
Donna Torres, Artist

Lectures by Dr. Manuel Torres

  • An Inquiry into the origins of the ayahuasca/yagé concept
  • Visionary art in ancient America: Chavín
  • Visionary art in ancient America: Tihuanaco and San Pedro de Atacama

Workshops by Donna Torres

  • Workshop I: Shamanic plants, text and Image (two sessions)
  • Workshop II: Expressing and understanding your ayahuasca experience: A workshop in watercolor and ink

Lectures by Karen Helle Grue

  • The Process of Healing
  • Death and Rebirth
  • Two Holotropic Breathwork Sessions facilitated by Karen Helle Grue

Lectures by Luis Eduardo Luna

  • Pre-Columbian Amazon
  • Ayahuasca and the Concept of Reality
  • Indigenous Spirituality and Sacred Plants