August 6-19, 2012

Invited speakers

Dr. William Richards, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, John Hopkins University School of Medicine
Edna Kurtz Emmet, Art teacher

Lectures by Dr. William Richards

  • The Rebirth of Research with Entheogens: Update on the Johns Hopkins Psilocybin Projects
  • How Entheogens may Catalyze Psychological & Spiritual Development: Set, Setting & Dosage
  • Eternity in Time: Strategies for the Integration of Spiritual Experiences

Lectures by Luis Eduardo Luna

  • Amerindian Worldview: Spirits of Nature
  • Shamanism and Transformation Motives in Paleolithic Art

Lectures will be complemented with a workshop on Artistic Expression by Edna Kurtz Emmet

Edna Kurtz Emmet will facilitate studio sessions for interested participants. A range of art materials will be provided to visually express unique personal and spiritual themes. No prior artistic knowledge or skill is required.