April 28–May 11, 2014

Invited speakers

Dr. Kenneth Tupper
Alexandre Tannous
Kare Grue Helle

Lectures by Dr. Kenneth Tupper

  • Plant Teachers: Wonder, Awe and Entheogenic Learning

This lecture will delve into in how psychedelic plants and substances can be cognitive tools for learning, creativity and meaning-making, grounding the idea of “entheogenic learning” in some contemporary educational and psychological theories.

  • Minding our Future: Psychedelic Studies in the 21st Century

This lecture considers the origins of the international drug control regime, its consequent ideological repression of psychedelic research, and where this domain of academic inquiry may be headed with respect to both medical and non-medical benefits of visionary plants/substances.

  • Dilemmas of “Drug” Education: What Do We Tell Youth about Psychoactive Substances?

This lectures will present some reflections about the term “drug,” how it operates in public and political discourses, and the inherent challenges of teaching about psychoactive substances in schools.

Lectures by Alexandre Tannous

  • The Harmonic Overtone Series and The Engineering of Consciousness

An introduction to basic acoustic principles, sound phenomena, the use of sound in other cultures, and the significance of harmonic overtones.

  • The Sound Meditation: Theory

This lecture will focus on Alexandre’s work with sound, including the instruments he uses and EEG studies he has conducted with these instruments. He will also discuss the sound meditation itself, including the role of the receiver in the experience and the benefits it offers.

  • The Sound Meditation: Practice

Alexandre will offer a full sound meditation, during which he will guide participants through breathing, visualization, toning and vocalization exercises.

Lectures by Karen Helle Grue

  • Death and Rebirth

Everywhere in nature new is born and old dies. This dynamic is active in our psyche all our life. Most people have had dreams about death, and it is often the beginning of something new. Jung was very interested in this dynamic and Grof linked it to the actual birth, when he uncovered the dynamic of the birth trauma. Death-­‐Rebirth is part of the great myths: Job, Isis / Osiris, Kore / Demeter, Christ and Odin. Death / rebirth is the topic underlying many works of art. For the individual death / rebirth dynamic is a chance to leave the old and embark the new.

  • Alchemy and Previous Lives

We might long for connection to our identity behind our daily appearance. The old wisdom hidden in the alchemical texts might give us a deeper understanding and tools for this task. Experiencing previous lives (whether they exist or not) might in the same way give access to our identity behind the many roles we have played in many lives.

Lectures by Luis Eduardo Luna

  • 1492 and the Imposition of Epistemological Assumptions
  • Sacred Plants and the Spanish Inquisition
  • Amerindian Art and Shamanism