August 1-14, 2011

Invited speakers

Dr. Ede Frecska, Psychiatrist
Rodolfo Schlachet, Trance Dance Facilitator and Percussionist

Lectures by Dr. Ede Frecska

  • Close encounters of the ancient kind
  • Origins of creativity
  • Postural trance

Sessions by Rodolfo Schlachet

  • Drum Circles

Drumming is a really pleasant and powerful experience. It is a non-verbal primordial expression. It can help your concentration and help you to be here and now. It will increase your sense of rhythm and other qualities necessary for any musical activity; it will help you to be fully in your body, to synchronize your brain hemispheres, to enhance your sensibility and musical emotion. The benefits can be also creativity and the further development sense of order and harmony.

  • Transpersonal free dance

Through breathing techniques and specific rhythms, you are invited to explore expanded states of consciousness. The drums help you to let go and allow your inner Self to move your body from the center of your being. With the eyes closed you can meet your freedom and dance; you can unblock your energy and return to a feeling of balance and harmony.

  • Mask Making

You are invited to craft your own mask in a creative/meditative state of consciousness. It will enhance your creativity and show you some aspects of your Self that you might be able to express and heal.

Lectures by Dr. Luis Eduardo Luna

  • Ayahuasca in the contemporary world
  • Comparative ethnographical perspectives
  • Music and altered states of consciousness
  • The role of sacred plants in Amerindian mythology