July 3-16, 2010

Invited speakers

Karen Helle Grue, Jungian Psychologist, and Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator
Prof. Manuel Torres, Art Historian and Archaeologist
Donna Torres, Artist

Lectures by Karen Helle Grue

  • Kissing the Frog/In Contact With the Divine Dimension: Who Benefits From It, the True or the False Self?
  • Death and Rebirth Seen Through Carl Jung and Stanislav Grof
  • Two Holotropic Breathwork Sessions facilitated by Karen Helle Grue

Lectures by Manuel Torres

  • Art and Shamanism I: Mesoamerica
  • Art and Shamanism II: South America

Lectures by Manuel Torres and Donna Torres

  • Visionary Agents and Contemporary Art

Workshops by Donna Torres

  • Workshop I: Visualizing nature: capturing the human/plant connection in graphite and watercolor
  • Workshop II: Shamanic Plants, Text, and Image (two sessions)