Rick Harlow wearing a hat and sunglasses.


Rick Harlow lived with the Yucuna, Macuna and Tanimuca people in the Colombian Amazon, with whom he partook ayahuasca many times. His experiences in the forest are the main source of his inspiration as an artist. He has had many solo and group exhibitions in museums and prestigious galleries, his art being reviewed in many specialized art magazine and newspapers. Rick has been an instructor at the Massachusetts College Art, Boston, and has been invited speaker in numerous institutions in the United States and abroad.

Rick learned the craft of making paper and returned to the Macuna and in partnership with Danta, an indigenous local, perfected a recipe using renewal forest resources to produce exquisite stationery and other paper handicraft. With the support of the GAIA Foundation markets have been developed for their wares in three continents, ranging from international craft fairs to boutique stationers.

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