A black and white photo of Mauricio Tolosa looking up at a tree.


Mauricio Tolosa is an independent writer and photographer, communicologist, naturalist, and gardener. His work is focused on ‘arborecer´, (become a tree) exploring the interaction and communication between plants and human beings through contemplation, immersion, ingestion, and vibrational essences.

He shares the results of this exploration through poetry, essays, visual arts, conferences, and workshops.
With a crab apple tree and the forests of Patagonia he co-created a short video film ‘Do apple trees dream?’ which was shown in film festivals around the world. He has written the haiku book ‘arborecer’ and many texts and poems on our relationship with the plant kingdom.

He has harvested dozens of flower essences in different gardens, making the process an artistic and creative path to communicate with the plants that he names “la senda de las flores” (the path of the flowers).

He has worked as a communication expert and international consultant for governments and organizations in different cultures. He has created and directed development programs on strategic communication and communicology for universities, corporations, and foundations in Latin America. He has written five books and hundreds of articles for different types of media