Anderson Debernardi kneeling down with a piece of paper in front of him.


Anderson Debernardi was born in Orellana, in the Peruvian Amazon. He was one of founding students of the Usko-Ayar Amazonian School of Painting, created in 1988 in the city of Pucallpa by Pablo Amaringo and Luis Eduardo Luna. He had a key role in the project as the financial administrator and one of the main teachers. In 1992 he was invited with Pablo Amaringo and two other members of the Usko-Ayar School to Tampere, Finland. In 1995 he painted a large 20 square meters mural for the South American Building of the Helsinki Zoo. His work was such a success, that the Helsinki Zoo, one of the most prestigious in Europe, asked him to continue doing large murals for other sections. His work has been presented many times in various contexts in Finland, where he is a very well known artist.

Besides numerous exhibitions in Peru, in cultural institution and diplomatic circles, his work as been shown in the United States (Washington, Wyoming, Denver), Japan, England, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Colombia. Andy’s paintings have been used in scientific publications, such as the Field Guide to the Birds of Peru, by doctors James Clements and Noam Shany. He is currently living in Lima with his wife Lucy.

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