Since its foundation twenty years ago we have engaged in three interrelated projects:

$200 of $6,880 raised
$250 of $5,400 raised
$400 of $8,600 raised

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$50.00 23/10/2021

Serge Rousselle

$257.78 05/10/2021

Erin Parsons-Christian

$154.79 02/10/2021

Erin Parsons-Christian

$154.79 02/10/2021

Erin Parsons-Christian

$154.79 02/10/2021

James Reed

$50.00 24/09/2021

Thank you for doing this work and sharing with us. Big hugs Luna 🤗

Candida Maurer

$51.80 21/09/2021

So glad to donate to your good work!

These three projects involved planting many species of plants, as well as the eradication of some invasive ones that do not belong to this ecosystem.

In spite of not having seminars during these two years, we had continued these three projects, although naturally with very limited resources. We finally took the decision to ask the collaboration and participation of our colleagues and clients to be part of any of these projects. You will receive before and after photographs, and will be able to follow the projects so that you can clearly see where the resources are allocated. We opened a bank account at Banco do Brasil in the name of the institution, all transactions being monitored by the authorities through official receipts. Wasiwaska has the Brazilian status of a non-for-profit educational organization.

We know that these three projects are just a drop in the ocean needed to recover the loss of tree covering of the Atlantic Coastal Forest during last centuries. We are joining many other small projects all over the world dedicated to mitigate, as much as we can, the deleterious effects of climate change.

In accord with animistic ideas that we share with indigenous people, we intend to create areas where non-human persons can live, including plants, animals (especially insects and birds), and fungi, in the wide network of life of which we are part of. We have already many non-human collaborators in our project: bats, birds, and monkeys dispersing seeds, and bees and other insects attracted by the trees already planted during the last twenty years, many of them by your hands. We now need your collaboration, either in financial terms, or if you would like to come in person to work with us.