Dear friends,

This year of 2023 has been a very important year for our ethnobotanical garden and agroforestry project. We planted many more trees, especially species native to the Atlantic Coastal Forest. The stone path down from the main house and up to the two large water containers, from which we irrigate the plants, is almost done. We are in the process of installing a railing in the steeper part of the path to facilitate safe walking. Additionally, we placed benches in various spots in the forest, for rest and contemplation.

Our next and very urgent project is to finish the cactus and succulent house. The main frame of the house has already been built, but we still need to add a transparent roof to the house as well as glass walls. This is where we are going to keep our collection of cacti while keeping an area as a nursery for the most important new plants coming to Wasiwaska. 

Once that is done, we will bring river sand to the area where our cacti are going to be and we will install a solar panel and a container to gather rainwater for the dry periods. We believe that USD 8,000 will be enough to finish this part of the project.

Simultaneously, we will continue to purchase more trees, order new species of medicinal plants for our ethnobotanical garden, and add identification labels. Sr. Waldomiro and Sr. Jose will continue to remove the invasive ferns in the land, to later plant native trees. 

Independently from our goal for the cactus and succulent house, you may donate to our ongoing reforestation project through the donation button at the end of this page. As well as to get more bee hives which will help with the pollination of the plants, thus attracting birds, bats, and more insects, increasing diversity.

A concrete structure in the middle of a forest.

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