• April 4-17 “Sacred Plants, Psychedelic Neuroepistemology and Human Microbiota”
    • August 1-14 “Sacred Plants, Religion, Spirituality and the Unexplained”
    • October 18-31 “On the Nature of Consciousness, Death, and the Psychedelic Experience”

April 4-17, 2017, “Sacred Plants, Psychedelic Neuroepistemology and Human Microbiota”

Invited speakers:
Constantino Manuel Torres, Archeologist and Art Historian
Donna Torres, Botanical Artist
Ede Frecska, Psychiatrist and Psychopharmacologist
Michael Winkelman, Anthropologist
Karen Helle Grue, Jungian Psychologist and Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator
Cindy Winkelman, Certified Health Coach

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Lectures by Manuel C. Torres:

  1. Archaeology of Visionary plants in the Americas I: Mesoamerica
  2. Archaeology of Visionary plants in the Americas II: South America

Lecture and workshop by Donna Torres:

  1. Painting and drawing the Wasiwaska garden
  2. Plants: a history of botanical illustration

Lectures by Michael Winkelman:

    1. Psychedelics and Evolution: The Foundations of a Psychedelic Neuroepistemology”.

This talk examines evidence for the roles of psychedelics in human evolution, focusing on the brain dynamics that emerges under the influence of psychedelics and how they stimulate novel cognitive states.

    1. Psychedelics and Healing.

The wide range of conditions treated in pre-modern culture is being expanded in the modern world with biomedical applications for a range of diseases, the most noteworthy being addiction.

Lectures by Cindy Winkelman:

  1. Food and your brain. How to protect it while eating well.

Lectures by Ede Frecska:

  1. The microbiota and the canopy diet in health
  2. The shamanic state of consciousness
  3. The katabasis of Parmenides and the ascent of the West

Karen Helle Grue:

  1. Holotropic Breathwork

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