October 5-18, 2016, “Visionary Art, Sacred Plants and the Imagination”



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Lectures by Rebecca Alban Hoffberger:


  1. “The Visionary Experience” and Its Role in Humanity’s Evolution
  2. Evidence for The Unseen: Angels, Aliens and the Devic World
  3. How to Make a Dream Come True & The Gift of Its Opposition

Lectures by Erik Davis:


  1. Imagining Phantasms
  2. Imagining Dreams
  3. Imagining Media

Lectures by Antar Mikosz:


  1. Visionary Art – What does that Mean?
  2. Psychedelia and Visionary Art – A Glimpse into the World.

Lectures by Dale Millard:


  1. The value of food forests and living pharmacies
  2. Immunomodulation as a strategy in the future of medicine
  3. Poorly known psychoactive plants from Africa and Indonesia

Adriana Rosa:


Adriana Rosa is a cultural producer, an actress, and a theater and art educator. She has a Master in Cultural Management from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She is the producer of the Wasiwaska seminars since its creation. Adriana is also in charge of finding healthy and nutritious food to be offered at the seminars, adapted, when necessary, to the needs of our participants.

The fee for our 2016 seminars is R$ 9,800 Brazilian reais (for the equivalent in other currencies, see http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/. This includes everything except airfares: airport transfers, double room accommodation, laundry, all meals and activities. The seminar also includes several excursions around the beautiful Island of Santa Catarina, as well as other activities. Seminars are open for a maximum of 14-15 participants, including guest speakers. A non-refundable deposit equivalent to 3,000 Brazilian reais is required to secure a place. If you are interested or require further information, please contact Luis Eduardo Luna at luna@wasiwaska.org or leluna47@hotmail.com.