April 27 – May 10, 2015, “Visions, Epistemology, Death and Rebirth”



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Lectures by Ede Frecska:

  1. True visions and the second foundation of knowledge.
  2. DMT the messenger of birth and death.
  3. Gut and the GUT (Grand Unification Theory) of medicine: The role of psychedelics.

Lectures by Karen Helle Grue:

  1. The Great Mother: Western culture has an undeveloped understanding of the feminine dimension. This lecture will try to reach a deeper understanding of the dynamics that lead to freedom or repression, as can be found in fairytales and dreams. The lecture will also look into “the original sin” the historical background and beliefs that created the idea.
  2. Alchemy  and  Previous  Lives: We  might  long  for  connection  to  our  identity  behind  our  daily  appearance.  The old  wisdom  hidden  in  the  alchemical  texts  might  give  us  a  deeper understanding  and  tools  for  this  task.  The Art of Alchemy came to Europe from Egypt and the Arab culture. Until the inquisition alchemy inspired European art and science. Experiencing previous  lives (whether they  exist  or  not)  might  likewise give  access  to  our  identity  behind  the many  roles  we  have  played  in  many  lives.
  3. Kissing the Frog: Traumas can create split in the consciousness. The separated part of the psyche, which carries the trauma, can no longer develop and becomes a “frog”. This complicated process is organized by the Self. The symbol of kissing the frog gives the insight how to get back into connection, into the deeper and divine dimensions of the psyche.
  4. Death  and  Rebirth: Everywhere  in  nature  new  is  born  and  old  dies. This  dynamic  is  active  in  our psyche  all  our  life.  Most  people  have  had  dreams  about  death,  and  it  is  often  the beginning  of  something  new.  Jung  was  very  interested  in  this  dynamic  and  Grof linked  it  to  the  actual  birth,  when  he  uncovered  the  dynamic  of  the  birth trauma.  Death-–-Rebirth  is  part  of  the  great  myths:  Job,  Isis  /  Osiris,  Kore  / Demeter,  Christ  and  Odin.   Death  /  Rebirth  is  the  topic  underlying  many  works of  art.  For  the  individual  death  /  rebirth  dynamic  is  a  chance  to  leave  the  old and  embark  the  new.

Lectures by Luis Eduardo Luna:


  1. Shamanism and Symbolic Death
  2. Ayahuasca Visions: An Epistemological Approach
  3. Sacred Amerindian Plants: Persecution and current Revival

If you are interested or require further information, please contact Luis Eduardo Luna at luna@wasiwaska.org or leluna47@hotmail.com.