March 29 – April 11 2012, “Traditional Societies, Creativity and the Holotropic Mind”

Dr. Ede Frecska Dr. Friederike Meckel Luis Eduardo Luna

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Lectures by Dr. Ede Frecska

  1. “Aboriginal Concept of Soul Cluster: direct experience”.
  2. “The dark side of civilization”.
  3. “Origins of creativity”

Lectures by Lectures by Dr. Friederike Meckel

A Holotropic Mind : integrative modes of consciousness through breathing

  1. “Holotropic Breathwork: Introduction, background, method, set and setting”.
  2. “Intra-­‐uterine and perinatal events, epigenetic phenomena: their influence on our lives”.
  3. “Difference between substance induced and breathing induced states of

Lectures by Luis Eduardo Luna:

  1. “1492 and the Imposition of Epistemological Assumptions.”
  2. “Traditional and Contemporary Ayahuasca Narratives.”
  3. “Amerindian Art and Shamanism.”

If you are interested or require further information, please contact Luis Eduardo Luna at luna@wasiwaska.org or leluna47@hotmail.com.