April 22 – May 5 2013, “Spirituality, Fairy Tales, Sacred Plants and Holotropic Breathwork. An Interdisciplinary Seminar”

Peter Elsas Karen Helle Grue Luis Eduardo Luna

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Lectures by Professor Peter Elsas:

  1. The path of Buddha; an introduction to Buddhist psychology based on interviews with high ranked Lamas in North India, Tibet and Ladakh.
  2. Spiritual attachment and retreat; an widening of our attachments to “signiHicant other persons” to relationships to “something more”.
  3. Those who hide from others are having a good life. The story of my life-­‐long friendship with the Arhuaco Indians in Colombia.

Lectures by Karen Helle Grue:

  1. “The Ego and the Hero”.
    The fairy tales tell us about all the danger we meet, searching for the soul. During this inner journey, the ego is often looked at as the one that prevents spiritual development. But a deeper understanding might help the ego to avoid the pitfalls and become the hero.
  2. “Kissing the Frog”.
    Traumas can create split in the consciousness. The separated part of the psyche, which carries the trauma, can no longer develop and becomes a “frog”. This complicated process is organized by the Self. The symbol of kissing the frog is the insight how to get back into connection, into the deeper and divine dimensions of the psyche.

Lectures by Luis Eduardo Luna:

  1. “Sacred Plants and the Spanish Inquisition”.
  2. “Health and Illness in Amazonia.”
  3. “Towards Big History: Disquisitions about our Place in Time”

If you are interested or require further information, please contact Luis Eduardo Luna at luna@wasiwaska.org or leluna47@hotmail.com.