October 1-14 2012, “Shamanism, Biological and Cognitive Considerations”

 Dr. Michael Winkelman Luis Eduardo Luna

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Invited speaker:
Dr. Michael Winkelman
Retired Professor in Anthropology, Arizona State University

Lectures by Michael Winkelman

  • Shamanism in Cross-Cultural and Psychobiological Perspectives
  • Shamanism and Human Evolution
  • Psychointegrators

Lectures by Luis Eduardo Luna:

  • “Shamanism and Animal Transformation”
  • “Therianthropy: from Paleolithic Rock Art to Avatar. A Radical Epistemology”
  • “Amerindian Sacred Plants: an Overview”

The fee per person for the seminars will be 6,200 Brazilian Reais everything included: airport transfers, double room accommodation, all meals, laundry, lectures and activities, with the possibility of massage sessions (not included in the fee). The seminar also includes several excursions around the beautiful Island of Santa Catarina, as well as other activities. Seminars are open for a maximum of twelve participants. A non-refundable deposit equivalent to 3,000 Brazilian reais is required to secure a place. If you are interested or require further information, please contact Luis Eduardo Luna at luna@wasiwaska.org or leluna47@hotmail.com.