Wasiwaska seminars

Psychoactive Substances and Art Through History

August 5-18 2009

Invited speakers:
Dr. Christian Rätsch
Dr. Claudia Mueller-Ebeling Art Historian

Dr. Manuel Torres Art Historian and Archeologist
Donna Torres Artist

Lectures by Christian Rätsch:

  • Ethnobotanical parallels between Central and South America
  • DMT and Nature
  • The World Heritage of Shamanism

Lectures by Claudia Mueller-Ebeling:

  • Visionary Art
  • Types of Shamanism
  • Ayahuasca Paintings

Lectures by Manuel Torres:

  • The Antiquity of Psychoactive Plant Use in the Americas
  • Tiahuanaco Iconography, Landscape, and Sacred Plants: A Precolumbian Writing System?

Lecture and workshop by Donna Torres:

  • Preserving indigenous plant traditions: botanical illustration in the Atacama Desert (see Indigenous Botanical Illustration Project and
    Chile Illustration Project)
  • Visualizing nature: capturing the human/plant connection in graphite and watercolor (workshop)