Wasiwaska seminars

Theoretical and Experiential Seminar on Shamanism

August 18 – 31 2008

Invited Speakers:
Hank Wesselman
Paleoanthropologist and shamanic journeyer
Michael Winkelman Enthropologist
Ede Frecska Psychiatrist

Lectures by Hank Wesselman:

  • Hawaiian perspectives on the Nature of the Soul Cluster,
    the Nature of Reality and on Life Roles
  • Experiential Shamanism

Lectures by Michael Winkelman:

  • Cross-cultural and Neurophenomenological Perspective on Shamanism
  • The Biogenetic Bases of Shamanism and its Roles in the Evolution of Human Consciousness
  • Psychointegators: Cross-cultural and Neurophenomenological Perspectives on Psychedelic Medicines

Lecture by Ede Frecska:

  • Embodied Spirituality, Embodied Consciousness: Integrative View on the Human Experience

Lectures by Luis Eduardo Luna:

  • Amazonian Shamanism and Animal Transformation
  • Entities in the Ayahuasca World. A Discussion