Sound, Consciousness, and Shamanism

Aug 28 - Sep 10, 2020


Susan Blackmore, Writer and Lecturer
Michael Winkelman, Anthropologist
Alexander Tannous, Ethnomusicologist, Sound Researcher
Ede Frecska, Psychiatrist, Psychopharmacologist
Connie Winkelman, Coaching
Luis Eduardo Luna, Anthropologist

Sue Blackmore is a freelance writer, lecturer and broadcaster, and a Visiting Professor at the University of Plymouth. Her books include Dying to Live (on near-death experiences, 1993), In Search of the Light (autobiography, 1996),Test Your Psychic Powers (with Adam Hart-Davis, 1997), The Meme Machine (1999), Conversations on Consciousness (2005), Zen and the Art of Consciousness (2011) and Consciousness: An Introduction (a textbook, new editions 2010 and 2011). Her work has been translated into more than 20 other languages.

Lectures by Susan Blackmore

• Are there other worlds? Possible answers from psychedelics, ayahuasca and near-death experiences
• Delusions of consciousness: Why is science so confused about the mind?
• Enjoying the Buddhist Jhanas: Discrete states of consciousness reached through concentraDon.

Alexandre Tannous is a musician, educator, composer, and ethnomusicologist. For the past nine years he has been researching the therapeutic and esoteric properties of sound from three different perspectives – Western scientific, Eastern philosophical, and shamanic societal beliefs – to gain a deeper understanding of how, and to what extent, sound has been used to affect human consciousness.

Lectures by Alexander Tannous

• On Gaia’s Intelligence, Divine Mathematics, and Sound

This lecture will address the importance of the various mathematical systems and their manifestation in nature in trying to understand the intelligence behind Gaia’s mind. Various examples will be shown to demonstrate the complexity of its aesthetics while focusing on sound. Underlying sound’s psychoacoustic power is a series of abstruse and infinite mathematical ratios, the harmonic series, which is nature’s blueprint for sound production, capable of exhibiting limitless harmonic probabilities. It is also considered to be one of the most notable manifestations of intelligence in nature.

• Psychedelic & Transcendental States through Sound and Music in Developed Musical Cultures, Indigenous Rituals, Abrahamic Religions, and in Mystical Sects

This lecture will offer an oTen-overlooked understanding demonstrating to what extent sound is instrumental in inducing transcendental and/or psychedelic states in humans in various rituals, settings and contexts ranging from the spiritual, to the holistic, religious, traditional, contemporary and in other contexts. The complexity that empowers the sound to achieve this, as well as the mechanics behind it will be thoroughly addressed.

• Sound Meditation: Practice

Alexandre will offer a full sound meditation which is a holistic practice that combines a shamanic ceremonial setting with an Eastern emphasis on breathing exercises and visualization. Overtone-rich musical instruments played during the meditation allow participants to use sound as a therapeutic tool to disconnect from discursive thinking and delve into a transcendental state. The goal is to enable participants to disengage their undesirable habitual paZerns and to empower positive cognitive change.


Michael Winkelman’s cross-cultural and interdisciplinary research on shamanism and altered states of consciousness has focused on identifying the biological bases of religious experiences. His principal publications include Shamans, Priests and Witches (1992) which provides a cross- cultural examination of shamanism; and Shamanism: A Biopsychosocial Paradigm of Consciousness and Healing (2nd edition 2010). This evolutionary approach to religion is expanded in his co-authored Supernatural as Natural (2008). Winkelman’s work has shown that shamanism and psychedelics have a deep intersection in human evolution, and that these capacities for altering consciousness continue to be important today

Lectures by Michael Winkelman

• The Psychedelic Secrets of the Kamasutra Temples.
• Psychedelics and Human Evolution
• Shamanism in Cross-cultural Perspective

Lecture by Cindy Winkelman
• Food and your brain. How to protect it while eating well.

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