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Article 1

Ayahuasca and the concept of reality. Ethnographic, theoretical, and experiential considerations. Details


Concepts 1.

Michael Winkelman: Psychointegration Details


Concepts 2.

Ede Frecska: Cogito in Epistemological Make-up Details


Study 1.

Effects of the Amazonian Psychoactive Beverage Ayahuasca on Binocular Rivalry: Interhemispheric Switching or Interhemispheric Fusion? Details


Study 2.

Effects Of Ayahuasca On Binocular Rivalry With Dichoptic Stimulus Alternation Details


Study 3.

EEG Gamma Coherence and other Correlates of Subjective Reports during Ayahuasca Experiences Details


Study 4.

Phenomenal Qualities of Ayahuasca Ingestion and its Relation to Fringe Consciousness and Personality Details


Study 5.

In What Ways Is The Ayahuasca Experience Expressed Throughout Literature? Details


Study 6.

Reality Polyphasia: A Thematic Analysis of the Representations of Psychotropic Substance Use and a Deconstructive and Integrative Investigation of the Formation of Knowledge and Reality Details


Study 7.

Exploring Personality, Phenomenological, and EEG Correlates of the Ayahuasca Journey Experience to Facilitate an Individual’s Spiritual Development Details


Study 8.

‘Cadiera Azulao Saeedi’, a sculpture in cement, iron and wireframe by Camille Archer at the Wasiwaska Ethnobotanical Garden, as part of her master in holistic science at the Schumacher College, Devonshire, England Details