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A) Ethnography

1. Indigenous sources
   a. Shuar Indians. Michael Harner, The Sound of Rushing Water
   b. Common Themes in South American Indian Yage Experiences by Michael J. Harner

2. Vegetalismo (mestizo ayahuasca traditions)

   a. Luis Eduardo Luna: The Concept of Plants as Teachers among four Mestizo Shamans of Iquitos, Northeastern Peru
   b. Walter Andrivsky: Sociopsychotherapeutic Functions of Ayahuasca Healing in Amazonia

   c. Shoemaker, Grace and Madness.
   d. Lee, Shamanism Versus Capitalism

3. Brazilian synchretic religions

   a. Edward Macrae: The Ritual and Religious Use of Ayahuasca in Contemporary Brazil.
   c. Christine Mavrick: Hallucinogens and Religious Identity in the Brazilian Amazon Senior Thesis Anthropology Program. Illinois State University
   d. UDV website in the US: http://www.udvusa.com/, in Brazil http://www.udv.org.br

B) Botany,Pharmacology

   a. Richard Evans Schultes; An Ethnobotanical Perspective on Ayahuasca
   b. Jonathan Ott: Ayahuasca Analogues. On Jonathan and his work:

   c. Dennis J McKenna, J C Callaway, Charles S Grob MD. The Scientific Investigation of Ayahuasca: A Review of Past and Current Research.
   d. Human Pharmacology of Ayahuasca. Doctoral dissertation by Jordi Riba.

C) Cognitive Psychology

   a. Ideas and Reflections Associated with Ayahuasca Visions. By Benny Shanon.
   b. Ayahuasca Variations. By William L. Benzon.

D) Other Studies

   a. “Ayahuasca and creativity”, by Benny Shanon.
   b. Kenneth W. Tupper: “Entheogens and Existential Intelligence: The Use of Plant Teachers as Cognitive Tools” Canadian Journal of Education 27, 4(2002):499-516.

E) Accounts

   a. Wade Davis experience among the Barasana.