Thomas B. Roberts

Thomas B. Roberts (Ph.D. Stanford) investigates psychedelic mindbody states for the leads they provide for learning, cognition, intelligence, creativity, mental health, and abilities that reside in them: in Psychedelic Horizons: Snow White, Immune System, Multistate Mind, and Enlarging Education he presents multistate mind theory. He specializes in psychedelics’ entheogenic (spiritual) uses: as in Psychoactive Sacramentals: Essays on Entheogens and Religion and the online achive. Religion and Psychoactive Sacraments
chrestomathy. He co-edited Psychedelic Medicine: New Evidence for Hallucinogenic Substances as Treatments. He has taught Foundations of Psychedelic Studies at Northern Illinois University since 1981; this is the world’s first catalog-listed psychedelics course at a university. He has lectured on psychedelics internationally, published many articles, chapters, and book reviews. He originated the celebration Bicycle Day. Visit his website here.