Karen Helle Grue

Karen Helle Grue

Karen Helle Grue (born 1949) is a Transpersonal Psychoterapist, MPF. trained as Jungian Analyst, Bodytherapy at Bodynamic Institute, Shamanic Councelor at Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies, Certified from Grof Transpersonal Training, Meditation at Nordlyscentret and at the moment training Somatic Experience with Larry Heller, Ph.D. Karen has worked as therapist, lecturer and teacher within Transpersonal Therapy since 1986. Before that she worked with visual art and craft, mostly as a set designer, and participated in founding several alternative projects, communities and companies.

April . 2013

The Ego and the Hero Details

September 9-22 . 2012

Amazonian Lore and Holotropic Breathwork Details

July 12-25 . 2011

Visionary Art in Ancient America, Shamanic Plants and Holotropic Breathwork Details

July 3-16 . 2010

Ancient Pre-Columbian Art and Shamanism, Visualizing Nature and Holotropic Breathwork Details

July 22- August 4 . 2010

Mayan Cosmology, Shamanism, Trance Dance, Percussion and Holotropic Breathwork Details

June 4-18 . 2009

Ayahuasca Pharmacology, Spirituality and Holotropic Breathwork Details

June 9 – 22 . 2008

Psychointegrators, Holotropic Breathwork, Spirituality and the Mind Details

June 4-17 . 2007

Consciousness, Nature, Biodanza and Holotropic Breathwork Details