Friederike Meckel Fischer MD

Friederike Meckel Fischer MD was born in Germany in 1947. She lived in the US from 1970 to 1974. In Germany she trained as a nurse (1975 – 1978) and went to medical school (1979 – 1986). Dr. Meckel specialized in industrial medicine and psychotherapy. She worked in industry as a company doctor, and she was an assistant medical director in a clinic for executive addicts.

Dr. Meckel trained as a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator with Stan Grof, with certification in 1991. She also trained in psycholytic therapy with Samuel Widmer (1992 – 1995).

She has been a self-­‐employed psychotherapist since 1997. She runs Holotropic Breathwork and systemic family constellation workshops. For some years she also gave psycholytic workshops.

Dr. Meckel is married and has her residence in Zurich, Switzerland, since 1994. She has three children from a previous marriage.