Antar Mikosz

Antar-MikoszAntar Mikosz is an interarts artist, teacher and researcher. PhD at the Graduate Program in Interdisciplinary
Humanities (PPGICH-UFSC) with a thesis A Arte Visionária e a Ayahuasca. The study focuses in some relations
between art and consciousness, seeking examples of visions portrayed by artists while experiencing Non-
Ordinary States of Consciousness (NOSC). Adjunct Professor of Unespar/Embap, Group leader of Inter and
Transdisciplinary Studies in Art, Consciousness and Related Poetics, and Editor of the Interdisciplinar
International Journal of Visual Arts – Art&Sensorium. Member of the Scientific Committee of the Rose Croix
International University (URCI-AMORC). Member of the Advisore Board of the Research Centre for the Study
of Psycointegrator Plants, Visionary Art and Consciousness – WASIWASKA. Associated to the Center for
Interdisciplinary Studies on Psychoactives NEIP.